How Many Calories Burn During One Time Sex?

Have you ever thought about how amazing workout sex is? The majority of us take sex as a way to pleasure, but it is also a good option to burn calories. Our experts have received this query multiple times “how many calories burn during one time sex”? This time we thought about finally addressing this thing and gave some valuable information to the readers. Let’s check out the complete post and understand how amazing the workout it is.


The information that we are going to give will surprise a lot of people. An hour of kissing can burn more than 65 calories that is pretty tremendous. Lip locking deepens the social attachment along with helping the couples to have a great exercise.

That’s not, the people who are passionate about the kissing and often involves petting in it can burn nearly 90 calories in an hour. Enjoying kissing with your partner is an extraordinary thing that shouldn’t be missed at any cost.


Let’s talk about the real business now for which you have come here. Making out is a thrilling thing that can turn out to be an intense calorie blaster. The amount of calories varies from one person to another as everyone has different stamina.

Many people last long for more than half an hour whereas others finish the whole thing under 15 minutes. In this post, we are going to talk about the people who spend nearly 30 minutes on sexual activity. According to the latest research, an average session of half-hour can burn 230 calories that are pretty great.

It can even surpass more than 300 calories if you end up making workout hotter and sweatier. The more intense your session becomes, the more amount of calories can be burnt.

What Positions Burns The Most Calories?

While this one is a little bit trickier question that can’t be explained in a single sentence. However, experts recommend the cowgirl position as it involves a solid activity. You will succeed in a good amount of calories with this position.

Other than that, Legs Up is also a tremendous choice to make due to the involvement of muscle. You can burn the same amount of calories as a cardio workout with this position.

We believe that you have understood how much calories can be burnt with one sex session. Let’s rock out with your partner tonight!


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